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First-year Friendships

Thirty years ago, I walked into my freshman residence hall excited and curious about what was to come. But I’ll admit,Friendships I was also a little homesick and lonely.

I’m guessing that many students in their first few weeks at USC have gone through similar emotions as they get their bearings.

These feelings are part of why the residential college system can be such a boon to students.

In this issue of USC Trojan Family Magazine, you’ll learn about residential colleges through our 20 pages of coverage on USC Village, the newly opened community where thousands of USC students now live.

The complex houses eight new residential colleges—adding to the six already on the University Park Campus.

Each offers an identity, focus and activities that unite students and expand their academic,Friendships social and cultural experiences.

Friends made in the residential colleges will become future business partners, bridesmaids and best men.

They’ll go on epic ski trips to the Sierras and they’ll explore Los Angeles hotspots, led by faculty members who live among them.

They’ll go to classes, study, take risks and support each other through first dates and breakups—together.

It’s about creating a richer college experience for generations of Trojans to come.

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