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Finnish company connects food and health sectors through apps

Finnish technology company The MealPlanner creates a platform between consumers,

healthcare providers and food companies through their very first initiative, FoodToDo – a two-sided app tracking medical,

food and health data for consumers and healthcare professionals.

Creating tailor-made solutions to encourage people to eat healthier food,

The MealPlanner helps its customers to create food solutions and educational tools,

which they believe is incredibly important at a time of an epidemic of diet-related diseases.

The core mission of The MealPlanner is that ‘nutrition should become part of medicine’.

By using the consumer’s input – their personal data, history and daily behaviour – they can create personalised plans for each of their users.

With medical tests and reports, they are able to monitor nutritional Finnish company

needs on both macro and micro levels in addition to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

A digital solution

The company’s story began two years ago when the founder,

chef and sommelier Sophie Michelin was struggling to create a meal plan for the five children at home.

She was looking for a digital solution to tell her what to do and to bring the food to her doorstep.

“For me, it matters what food I prepare for my children.

I believe that healthy, nutritious food is key for our kids to live a successful life. From day one,

I wanted to create solutions that help people diet on tasty and healthy foods to reverse the trends,” says Michelin.

Cue the idea of The MealPlanner, where a technology team and a dietetic health intelligence team marry food with health.

The first platform, FoodToDo, focuses on people with diet-related diseases or special needs.

“There aren’t that many nutritionists in Finland, but in the UK, there are thousands who have daily practices with their clients.

But they don’t have digitalised tools – and that’s why FoodToDo connects the client and the caregiver or nutritionist.

They digitise the nutrition.”

Michelin explains that when a dietician today wants to create a recipe and find out about the macro and micro nutrients, there’s no easy tool to use.

“So, we’re part of a health care digitalisation process,” she says.

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