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Find peace among the apple blossoms

The thought of Hardanger most often brings to mind images of steep mountainsides, blossoming apple orchards and deep-blue fjords.

In summary, a perfect postcard from Norway.

This picture-perfect postcard can be seen in real life, from the windows of any of Brakanes Hotel’s 142 rooms.

Brakanes has, through its 155-year-long history, grown from a humble coach station inn to become the cornerstone of Ulvik, Find peace among

a village in Hardanger, located right on the bank of the fjord.

The hotel, which was rebuilt after burning down to the ground during World War II, offers its guests all modern amenities.

“We have a lot of visitors from all over the world.

What draws them to Hardanger is the possibility of experiencing nature you can’t find anywhere else,”

says sales manager Ingrid Prestegard, adding: “We’ve seen an increase in visitors who want to be active in the great outdoors.”

For these guests the hotel can arrange hikes, boat trips, water skiing, fishing and overnight stays in the forest.

For those looking to simply relax, Brakanes can arrange farm and brewery visits and historical and cultural walks.

“In Hardanger you find a serenity that is hard to find elsewhere,” says Prestegaard, Find peace among

suggesting that the combination of peace and adventure tempts many visitors to return year after year.

“In Ulvik we can offer breathtaking views, locally sourced food and drink and plenty of adventures,” Prestegaard concludes.

Conferencing and Christmas parties It is not just tourists who enjoy the nature and peace and quiet of Ulvik.

When the peak season for tourists dies down, businesses descend on the little village for everything from seminars to parties.

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