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Exclusive jewellery for luxurious needs

Louise Find is a Scandinavian design company specialising in exclusive fine jewellery.

The company has already made a name for itself in Paris, and now they are targeting the Danish market.

Most Danish design companies launch their first collection in Denmark and then see if they can take their business abroad.

At Louise Find, they did it the other way around.

The company, founded last year, launched a collection during Paris Fashion Week at the fair Premiere Classe.

“I studied in both Paris and New York, Exclusive jewellery

and Paris in particular has always been a great source of inspiration for me with its classical architecture.

The buildings are architectural pearls and possess such an incredible amount of details throughout their elements.

I seek to incorporate some of that history and the feeling they evoke into my jewellery,”

explains Louise Find, CEO and founder of the brand with the same name.

Paris was a natural place to launch the first collection

since the jewellery designs are a tribute to the Haussmannian buildings in the French capital.

“We work with 18-carat gold, and we constantly strive to create the best jewellery from the finest materials.

High-quality diamonds,

coloured gemstones and white gold are the essentials in our designs,

and for that reason we are positioned at a higher price point.

That said, hopefully the customer

will find that they get not just an exclusive and extravagant piece,

but also a piece that can be passed on over generations,” says Find.

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