Amazing Baby

Though Amazing Baby hail from New York any notion of them exerting Xerox copies of The Strokes’ brash garage rock can be quickly shelved,

as too can the idea that they have much in common with any current lumpen scene lording it around Brooklyn.

Amazing Baby are one of those rare bands that are keen to tread their own distinctive, idiosyncratic path and ‘Rewild’ is indebted to a time long before the 21st century dawned.

From the string adorned opener ‘Bayonets’ until the closing, almost Suedeish, stomp of ‘Pump Yr Breaks’ the influence of seventies era Bowie rides high.

Delve deeper and elements of pysch, prog, funk and pop appear majestically amongst the coiffured sounds.

When the overall effect is this good, forgiving the daft name is easy.

We just played in London at 93 Feet East and the energy felt crazy,” she expresses with ebullience.

“Kids were dancing and singing along to our songs and it was packed. Then we played at ULU, opening for School of Seven Bells and it was a much older audience, at eight o’clock at night, and it just felt really formal.

It slowly went by and then it was over. I guess it just depends what kind of
vibe is in the air, but generally we try to amp it up. We try to make it fun for

Following a bad show like that the girls try and ignore the press for the next few weeks, but sometimes it’s as difficult as trying deftly not to stare at a road traffic accident.

“I try not to pay attention to that stuff because it’s de-motivational,” Melissa
states in an authoritative manner. “Before, because we’d made the record, all of a sudden it was like, ‘Oh,

come and tour…’ and there was no time to map it out and make it happen the way we needed to make it happen.

We’ve actually done that now in a way that sonically does the record justice.

We were under a lot of pressure from our previous manager to just

And it’s not like a rock band, it’s not like you just stand up and there’s a
drummer and bass player.

With our music it’s a lot trickier than that,” she explains before turning onto the opinions of the press.

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