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All folk, all day

The quiet little town of Steinkjer will come alive this summer, as 2,000

people are expected to attend the popular people are expected to attend the popular Landsfestivalen.

Since its beginning in 1986, Landsfestivalen has grown to become one of Norway’s largest folk music and dance festivals,

travelling from town to town, held in a new place each summer.

Regarded as the national championships within its genre, All folk

it sees over 500 of the country’s best folk musicians and dancers

participate during the course of the five-day festival, hoping to leave as champion.

As one can imagine, this makes for more than a few unmissable concerts and musical experiences,

especially when considering that top names such as brothers Gjermund and Einar Olav Larsen,

two of Scandinavia’s most highly regarded folk musicians,

will be attending the festival this summer.

This year, Landsfestivalen travels further north than ever before,

as it finds a temporary home in the municipality of Steinkjer in Nord-Trøndelag, the geographical centre of Norway.

“Being this far north means that we can enjoy folk music and dance all day long, as it only gets dark for a couple of hours each night during summer.

And if people want a break from the music there are several hiking opportunities in the beautiful surrounding nature,”

says the 2014 organiser, Johan Einar Bjerkem.

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