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Due to wartime conditions, what was to be the 25th National Convention in July 1943 was titled instead

“Business Meeting and Training School for National Officers.”

 Held in Chicago, a smaller number of members were registered, accommodations were far from plush and business was conducted in three short days.

Still, according to The Lyre, attendees “returned home with the inspiration and the information that will enable them to lead Alpha Chi Omega through the next two years of uncertainty and adjustment.”

And while there were fewer social events at this convention and no Convention Transcript, special exhibits, postconvention tours or sports events

(which were evidently a usual part of conventions at the time), sisterhood still prevailed.

Founders Bertha Deniston Cunningham and Estelle Leonard attended, and Nellie Gamble Childe and Olive Burnett Clark sent greetings.

Traditional and meaningful elements of conventions were part of the program, including the Olympian Dinner,

a lecture on the proper presentation of the Ritual, a model chapter meeting and the Reunion Dinner. Fittingly, the theme of one luncheon was patriotism and service.

Topics addressed during the business sessions included the effects of war on the membership and the organization’s finances,

the adoption of the nursery school war project, reorganization of alumnae groups, and the role of alumnae in the rushing process.

National President Ruth Miller Winsor explained, “The decision of the voting membership to hold a combined business meeting and training school will tend to strengthen Alpha Chi Omega.

It is expected that each of us will leave this meeting better equipped to meet the urgent problems which confront us.”

 Special speakers at this convention included fraternity man and dean of students at the University of Tennessee, Dr. John L. Moseley, and Davis G. McCarn, counselor to women at Northwestern University.

Dean Moseley reminded members that difficult times were not new to fraternities and sororities but that the groups must remain faithful to the “eternal, memorial, and intangible qualities of fraternity.”

McCarn spoke to the issues facing college women during war times.

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