After one vaguely promising EP, TOY have arrived with their debut
album called ‘Toy’ – note caps distinction.

TOY are a shoegaze band. My Bloody Valentine invented it, then Ride and
Chapterhouse made it poppy,

while others, like Slowdive, eventually turned it into electronica and now minimal techno artists reference it.

TOY are the poppy bit, but no one really references that bit.

Occasionally someone does, they get a bit of buzz, but they soon fade away on a wave of mundane vocals, indistinct sounds and average songs.

Most modern music fans will hear this and think it sounds ‘a bit like The
Horrors’, but if you do hear ‘Heart

Skips a Beat’ then go and listen to ‘Vapour Trail’ by Ride, it’s basically
the same song, only not as good.

Thanks for the memories lads, make sure you shut the door
behind you on the way out.

On Herring’s part, it was a masterstroke that’s given ‘King Of The Beach’ its most notable departure in sound.

Before, we were uncertain what Nathan was singing about, or if he could actually ‘sing’ at all; now, there’s no question that he can, and his new songs
are full of youthful exhilaration, love,

defiance and a sizeable whack of selfloathing.

He sings “I hate myself, man, but who’s to blame / I guess I’m just fucked up, or too insane” on ‘Take on The World’,

“I bet you laugh right behind my back!” on ‘Idiot’, and “My own friends hate my guts / So what? Who gives a fuck?” on ‘Green Eyes’.

A lot of the time these sentiments of doubt ride a wave of melodic, upbeat, pop grunge, but Nathan Williams is clearly a little hard on himself

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